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        We want to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy. In support of the changes to the EU data protection law, we’ve updated our privacy notice effective May 25, 2018.

        Debate and discussion are the principal modes of learning here.

        In our vibrant classroom environment, you’ll be called upon to voice your opinion and defend your point of view, while learning from the diverse viewpoints of classmates too. You’ll gain a deep understanding of key business concepts and develop the ability to determine which ideas stand up to the rigor of intellectual inquiry.


        In an increasingly complex business world, you need strong teamwork skills to get ahead. That’s why Booth puts a unique focus on group projects. Working with classmates from diverse industries and functions, you’ll benefit from each other’s expertise, share insights, and learn from a variety of perspectives. You’ll also build a strong network of people who will support you and challenge you to reach the next level.


        Get a taste of Chicago Booth’s collaborative classroom environment by sitting in on an Evening MBA or Weekend MBA class.


        Join us at an admissions event for an inside look at Booth’s Executive MBA Program and a chance to meet students and alumni in person.